5 Types of Window Replacement

Buying replacement windows is a major investment. It’s a good idea to do some research to ensure you buy high-quality windows that will last for years. Consider things like style, performance and materials when shopping for new windows.

You can find Sugar Land window companies that offer energy-efficient products with features such as Low-E coatings, argon gas fills and warm-edge spacers. These technologies improve home insulation and lower energy bills.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Designed to withstand the force of hurricanes and flying debris, impact windows help protect homeowners. They also reduce the risk of burglaries and other break-ins because they are more difficult to crack or shatter. Additionally, they can offer significant energy savings and help to protect home interiors from harsh UV rays.

These windows are made with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two glass panes. This layer holds the glass together even if it breaks, preventing it from shattering into shards of glass.

They are available in double-hung and casement styles, with both offering excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You can also choose between tinted and reflective options, which reduce glare and heat, respectively. These options may also help reduce your cooling costs, particularly during the sweltering Texas summers.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows prevent cooled air from leaking out in the summer and warm air from leaking in the winter, which reduces your heating and cooling costs. They also reduce outdoor noise and prevent condensation and dampness.

New energy-efficient windows are designed with multiple glass panes and a layer of inert gases such as argon or krypton. This layer helps insulate the window better, which in turn cuts your energy bills by 12% on average.

Moreover, they protect your home from harmful UV rays that damage carpeting, furniture, wall coverings, and paintings. This allows your interiors and furnishings to remain fresh and vibrant for a longer time. You can choose from various models and designs that fit your needs and budget. Besides, they offer a high ROI and increase the resale value of your home.

Impact-Resistant Doors

Whether your current windows are outdated or inefficient, installing impact-resistant doors is an excellent option for saving on energy costs and improving home security. These products are designed to withstand severe wind damage and can protect your home against flying debris during powerful storms.

They also provide enhanced noise reduction capabilities that can help to keep your home comfortable year-round and reduce your cooling costs. In addition, the thicker glass used in these products helps to provide improved thermal insulation that can help to keep your home cooler during hot Texas summers.

Awning windows have two sashes that move up and down to let in air and light. They are popular for homes with a traditional appearance, and they can be combined with casement windows for a more traditional style.

Bow Windows

Designed to enhance natural light and create more space, bow windows add a sophisticated aesthetic to your home while increasing curb appeal. They also help to reduce energy costs by lowering cooling expenses, while maintaining indoor comfort.

Choose from a range of window options, including popular styles like casement and double-hung windows. Double-hung windows have two sashes that move up and down, offering excellent ventilation. You can also choose tinted windows to reduce glare and heat from the sun, or reflective windows that reflect sunlight, helping to keep your furniture, carpets and curtains more vibrant.

When it comes to installing new windows in your Sugar Land home, make sure to find an experienced local provider. Ask for references and ensure that they are licensed and insured.

Garden Windows

Garden windows add unique three-dimensional character to a room by extending out from the home and creating an encased glass space ideal for indoor plants or personal decor. They also offer improved ventilation that can help reduce cooking odors and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Whether you live in Sugar Land or one of its surrounding neighborhoods, replacing your old windows is an affordable and convenient way to make your home more attractive and comfortable. If you’re tired of high energy bills and a drafty house, contact an experienced window replacement company to schedule a free consultation.

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