Entry Doors Sugar Land TX – Why You Need a New One


Your entry door is your home’s first line of defense against unwanted intruders. If your current entry door is chipped, weathered, hard to open and close or allows drafts and pests inside then it’s time for a replacement.

In addition to a variety of stylish designs and finishes today’s new entry doors are engineered with security features that keep you safe. These include metal cylinder guards that make busting in your lock nearly impossible, reinforced frames to support deadbolts and doorknob locks, and visible house numbers to help your neighbors keep an eye out for anything unusual around your home.

For example, the steel doors from ProVia feature thicker 20-gauge galvannealed sheet metal and are built with 49% more galvannealed steel than standard 24-gauge doors to provide superior strength and rigidity. These entry doors can be enhanced with a variety of door skins such as Woodgrain Textured, Smooth, or Smooth with High-Definition Embossing to reflect your personal style.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to security, energy efficiency is a priority for many homeowners. New entry doors offer a variety of benefits that improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. They prevent heat loss during cold weather and keep the cool air inside during hotter weather. Additionally, they block 95% of UV rays that fade carpeting, curtains and wall coverings.

Fiberglass doors are an excellent option if you’re looking for low maintenance and durability. These doors can withstand years of opening and closing without showing wear and tear. Additionally, they are naturally light, so they won’t add to the weight of your home.

A fiberglass door with a polyurethane core offers at least four times the insulating value of a wood door. It also has a lower U-factor than most wooden doors. With a wide selection of options, including smooth factory painted finishes, simulated wood grain and panel formations, hardware and sidelites, homeowners have endless choices to make their door uniquely their own.


Wood doors are inherently strong and durable, which can offer an extra layer of security for your family. They are also beautiful and can last for years with minimal maintenance. They can be crafted in virtually any shape or size and can feature any panel formations, finishing options, or carvings that you like. They are also an eco-friendly option since they are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Fiberglass doors are another option that is durable and low-maintenance. They can stand up to harsh weather elements and will not warp or rot. They are also naturally light and won’t add extra weight to your home.


The right front door makes a dramatic impression and boosts the home’s aesthetic, curb appeal and perceived value. From the elegant, classical “Eased Elegance” to a casual, refined simplicity and the clean lines of the “Modern View” trend, homeowners have more options than ever before. Smooth or wood-look factory painted finishes and a wide selection of sidelites, glass, hardware and embelishments allow homeowners to create a custom entry door that is uniquely their own.

It’s easy to tell when your front door is worn or outdated. A chipped, cracked or faded door sends a cold, unwelcoming message to guests. It’s time to upgrade to something new that will welcome friends and family, keep pesky insects out and block drafts. If you’re ready to make an impactful change, visit our showroom or contact us for a free, no-pressure consultation. We proudly serve Katy, Galveston, League City, Pearland and Sugar Land, Texas. 2019 Gulf Coast Windows. All Rights Reserved.