Window Styles for Your Sugar Land TX Home

Window styles Sugar Land TX

The right windows can add value to your home and reduce energy costs. Choose ENERGY STAR certified windows for your Sugar Land TX project for long-term energy efficiency.

Double-hung windows open and close using two sashes that move vertically. Our window replacement team recommends this style for homes that aim for a traditional look.

Double-Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two window sashes that slide vertically, giving you greater ventilation options than other window styles. You can open the top and bottom sashes to let in fresh air or simply for easy cleaning.

These windows are a great choice for Sugar Land, League City and other areas of the Houston metropolitan area that enjoy warmer weather. With their low-E glass and insulated vinyl frames, double-hung windows provide superior insulation for your home, keeping you comfortable without increasing your energy bills.

When shopping for replacement windows, make sure your options are ENERGY STAR Certified to lower your energy bills. Our ENERGY STAR certified windows feature Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers and insulated vinyl framing to optimize energy efficiency for your home. They can help you save up to $236 a year on your energy costs.

Casement Windows

Whether you’re tired of dealing with drafts, operability issues, condensation between glass panes, or high utility bills, replacing your old windows will be the best investment you can make for your Sugar Land home. A proficient Sugarland Window Company installer will be able to introduce new substitution windows that are alluring and vitality productive.

They feature sleek frames, which are a welcome departure from the bulky sliding windows seen in most homes. And they swing outward, providing a wide view of the outdoors and ample airflow when needed. Their high energy-efficiency rating can save you money on heating and cooling costs over time. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for?

Bay Windows

A bay window creates an enchanting vista in your home and adds depth and character. It also lets in more natural light and allows you to utilize the space around it in different ways.

When shopping for new windows, make sure to choose a provider with years of experience. This will give you the best chances of a smooth installation and superior customer service. Also, a seasoned provider will have an in-depth understanding of Sugar Land’s climate and the requirements of local homeowners.

You should also look for a provider that offers energy-efficient windows. These have a special coating that stops damaging UV rays from heating your home, and they use argon gas to improve your home’s insulation. This will help you save on energy costs in the long run.

Bow Windows

When you want to add a touch of drama and elegance to your home, nothing beats bow windows. These curved wall windows expand views and fill rooms with natural light, elevating your Sugar Land home’s style and curb appeal.

Unlike bay windows, which feature three windows in angled projections, bow windows have four or five window panels that work together for a more subtle, rounded appearance. Because of their larger panel count, bow windows also tend to allow more sunlight into a room.

Like bay windows, bow windows feature a wide ledge that can be used for decoration or storage. They can be dressed up with beautiful curtains, planters, window boxes, seating, and more to match any decor style.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are a popular window style that creates a space for house plants. They’re often installed above kitchen sinks where they can help homeowners grow herbs and spices all year round.

A quality Sugar Land window replacement company will provide expert garden window installation and will offer a variety of frames made from high-quality materials for improved energy efficiency, home comfort and aesthetics. The right company will also have a track record of providing customers with a quick, stress-free replacement window installation experience.

When you notice drafts, a broken window seal, condensation between the panes or damaged frames, it’s time to upgrade to new replacement windows. Renaissance offers a wide selection of windows designed for your home that will improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.